No 13 (2019): In Gremium. Studia nad Historią, Kulturą i Polityką
In Gremium. Studia nad Historią, Kulturą i Polityką

“In Gremium. Studies in History, Culture and Politics” is a scientific journal edited by the Institute of History of the University of Zielona Góra since 2007. The journal's profile includes studies in humanities and social sciences, especially in history, literary studies, linguistics and philosophy.

“In Gremium” is issued annually and publishes research articles, review articles, reviews and reports. The preferred languages are Polish and English. Submitted research articles are subject to a review procedure based on double-blind peer review principles. There are over 130 reviewers representing various sciences that have cooperated with the journal so far. Editorial workflow of the journal is based on “Core Practices” delineated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Each volume is published in a traditional, paper form and an open access digital version. In 2019 “In Gremium” received a grant of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Research articles

Dan-Tudor Ionescu
The Place of the Legend of Alexander of Macedon in the Larger Context of the Old Romanian Literature
Ewa Kluska-Jaśkowiak
„Pater Aeneas, Romanae stirpis origo…”. The myth of Aeneas and his presence in the literature of the age of Augustus
Victoria Győri
Greco-Roman precedents on Confederate currency
Barbara Brzuska
About Role Models Derived from Classical Authors in the 18th- and 19th-century Poland
Katarina Petrovićová
Us and Them. The role of persuasive and manipulative strategies in creation of public enemies
Ewa Jakimowska
Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault on Plato's "Statesman". From Appearances of Truth to the Critic of Power
Mirosław Jerzy Leszka
Tsar Peter (927–969) in the "Tale of the Prophet Isaiah". A few remarks
Krzysztof Benyskiewicz
Puer et Ruthena puella: the marriage of Mieszko, son of Bolesław II the Generous
Arkadiusz Cincio
The wine collections and exhibitions in Zielona Góra from 1922 to 1934
Grzegorz Wanatko
From Brieger’s Winery to Greek Orthodox Church
Angelika Krawiec
Traubenmadonna in the Moselle region’s wine culture in Germany (chosen examples)
Aleksandra Tomicka
The motif of "old wine" in "Śpiewka" by Jakub Jasiński
Katarzyna Meller-Rebelska
Wine motif in contemporary Lubusz literature
Kamila Gieba
Wine traditions in literature of Lubusz Land in the context of the regional policy of place
Michał Banaszak
The role of poetry translation in the reception of 17th-century English metaphysical poetry in Poland. Overview of issues
Małgorzata Karczewska, Vaida Žegunienė
The Perception of English by Polish and Lithuanian University Students: Implications for Higher Education