Państwo jako podmiot odpowiedzialny za zbrodnie międzynarodowe

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Bernacka, Ewa. 2009. “Państwo Jako Podmiot Odpowiedzialny Za Zbrodnie międzynarodowe”. In Gremium. Studies in History, Culture and Politics, no. 3 (November).


Stare as a subject responsible for international crimes

This article describes the formation process of State responsibility under International Law and it further analyses the issue of the responsibility in the light of the Draft Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts prepared by the International Law Commission in 2001. The article focuses on the procedure of imputing to a Stare the existence of a wrongful act and the possibility to bring the state to account for international crimes such as genocide or war crimes. Based on the jurisdiction of international courts and tribunals, this article further analyses the issue of whether the conduct of particular stare organs or even persons may be considered an act of the state and serve as a ground for criminal responsibility.