Międzynarodowa współpraca w zakresie opieki nad dzieckiem (1918-1939) na podstawie publicystyki w II RP

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Domżał, Urszula. 2009. “Międzynarodowa współpraca W Zakresie Opieki Nad Dzieckiem (1918-1939) Na Podstawie Publicystyki W II RP”. In Gremium. Studies in History, Culture and Politics, no. 3 (November). https://doi.org/10.34768/ig.vi3.79.


International cooperation on chiłd care (1918-1939)
based on journalism in the Second Republic of Poland
The article discusses the issue of international settlements on childcare in the Interwar period. The analysis is based on Polish journalism of that time. The author focuses on describing the activities of various circles concerned with the protection of the rights of the child and the analysis of Geneva Declaration of 1923 as an expression of international cooperation aimed at the fulfillment of these rights. A particular emphasis is placed on the description of the activity of the Polish Section of international League for the New Education.